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Monday, December 15, 2008

My characters.

I would to introduce my new characters Ragnarok Online and Perfect World. The first image is from Perfect World of my wizard, the game is a really relaxing game boasting strong western concepts such as meditation to heal yourself faster and a system to enlighten your character. I will begin to add more as I get into the game more.

The next image is from Ragnarok Online witch recently opened up a free to play server called Valkyrie, I have played Ragnarok for a long time and it is a classic. Right now I have chose a Mage with intentions to make a High Wizard.

My choice of character as you can see in most games is usually the Wizard class, I can't get enough of magic ability's. One thing to note is both games are free to play and they have micro transactions to help with the payments or in Ragnarok case a premium server is you wish to pay.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I am starting to feel withdrawals from online games and anime lately I decided to start coming back online. I have been busy with a big work load in school and a change in job position at work. After installing xfire and getting Ragnarok updated now I will search out new anime!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Divergence Eve/Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles

I normally don't write reviews but I will in the spirit of the club and I been meaning to start working on this maybe good place to start. Besides the overly large breast and the poor CG animation I enjoyed this show. Here is a run down of DE, I will try to avoid the breast where possible I wanted to watch the show with a eye on the plot more than the breast. I enjoyed the ending a lot though for Divergence Eve

Overall 6\10
It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. Misaki was enjoyable and the series had a bit of sci-fi witch made it interesting. I would recommend only watching if you have a fetish with breast or you like the odd sci-fi that is a bit different.

Characters 5/10
Honestly most the characters I didn’t feel like they were special, I liked Misaki character mainly because of the ending credits. (did I say that?)

Story\Plot 6.5/10
Misaki traveled to Watchers nest to discover the reason her father passed away and to become an ace pilot. The typical plot until they slowly introduce the Necromancers a mysterious entity in the core along with a howling beast called the GHOUL. These GHOUL seem quite mysterious and attracted towards Misaki with their projections.
As with the progression of the story it a little jittery at times but was able to keep up to it with for the most part. With the second haft of the series it focused on a alternative time line with intersecting parts until they can get a focus on the cause of the distortion and repair it.

If you enjoyed this series you will more then likely enjoy Zegapain, Planetes. Mainly to point into the direction of some better shows around the same theme.
Side note Sub forums might be a good idea for each group but I guess that will come in time if we pollute the forum with our topics. I'm either going to work on this later or make my next review a alot better.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anime Discussion

An interesting topic has come up with Anime Planet for discussing anime. Its "club" on the forum where we vote on an anime to watch out of the a list you can view the topic here.

As far as what we chose to discuss was Divergence Eve season 1 and season 2. I went into this expecting a echhi fest and fan service galore of the main female characters all having gigantic breast. I was pleasantly surprised the series doesn't over make the whole series revolve around the twin towers (should perk up homeland security’s eyes to view my blog lawl) but it does show some nude scenes but they are tasteful for watching a good story so far.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Current Anime

As of late I have started playing Starcraft and Everquest 2 alot so havn't really been watching to meany shows but I have several anime that I enjoyed alot lately. I have also been playing The World Ends With You witch has to be one of the best games I played on the ds for an RPG. You can control the top screen with the D-Pad for your partner and the bottom with the Stylist along with some "Pins" or magic that require you to sing or blow into the mic to do certain attacks for the main character to attack the noise.

With my recent purchase of Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo from the dealers room in Anime North 2008.I feel like I stole such a great piece for the amount I payed for it such a intense show and I enjoyed every minute of it, I give it a 5/5 for being such a great show check it out if you can.

Also I just started watching Soul Eater and the first episode has intrigued me quite a bit. As of late I have noticed a strange fasination towards Death Gods and the concept of the after life along with some soul searching things. Yet this anime puts it in a fashion that is quite different compared to most of its subject with a different twist.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Thier refferal program is neat I'm going to keep it up it allows you to get 5% of the persons purchases as long as you reffered them to the site. As far as I'm concerned this would start to build up alot of this blog gets popular by chance.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Start of a blog?

Decided to start this blog I'll be making entry's every once and a while I suppose from now on. I compety thought Anoween (A local anime event) was today and didn't realize that it was yesterday was really depressed when I realized that because I didn't get off work till 11 and thats when it ended.

So I just ended up watching Death Note and Smallville. Its been a weird week with midterms starting soon and my b-day on the 18th. I will haft to get a little more organized and things back on track.

Now working on a statistics assignment and this things going to take a while but with the tunes of "Him" I should be able to finish this by supper.

Current PC Game - Xfire

EverQuest 2