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Monday, December 15, 2008

My characters.

I would to introduce my new characters Ragnarok Online and Perfect World. The first image is from Perfect World of my wizard, the game is a really relaxing game boasting strong western concepts such as meditation to heal yourself faster and a system to enlighten your character. I will begin to add more as I get into the game more.

The next image is from Ragnarok Online witch recently opened up a free to play server called Valkyrie, I have played Ragnarok for a long time and it is a classic. Right now I have chose a Mage with intentions to make a High Wizard.

My choice of character as you can see in most games is usually the Wizard class, I can't get enough of magic ability's. One thing to note is both games are free to play and they have micro transactions to help with the payments or in Ragnarok case a premium server is you wish to pay.

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